Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Tale of the Traveling Cookies

So, remember how about a month ago how I went on vacation? Well the cookies came along too and I just realized that I never told you all about that part. While I am sure your life would have gone on without hearing this, I feel the need to share. :)

The purpose of the trip was to be a bridesmaid in my sorority "little sister's" wedding. The wedding took place near Charleston, so we decided to extend our stay and make a vacation out of it. The bride's sister in law had contacted me prior to the wedding and asked if I would be willing to make cookies for the rehearsal dinner relating to the bride and grooms favorite things. Of course I was honored and took great pride in making those cookies. In fact, I worked *so* hard that I could not bear to ship them. Therefore my "one personal item" on the plane was a container full of cookies. (Trust me, it was personal at that point.) The cookies obediently rode through the security scanner (and even received a few comments from the screener who jokingly threatened to confiscate them), proudly rested on the chair next to me while I had my pre-flight Bloody Mary, sat under the seat in front of me during the plane ride from DC to Charleston and were even dropped off at the hotel front desk for safe keeping out of the heat until our room was ready.

The next day as we prepared to head to Edisto, they came along with us for a vacation kick-off lunch with friends at my favorite restaurant in Sullivan's Island...

(And they would have been abandoned under my seat if my trusty friend K hadn't spotted them laying there as we happily left without them!)

They were a huge talking point and we decided they warranted their own photo...

That night they made it safely to their destination after a long journey.

Lilly Pulitzer inspired shift dress and purse cookies for the bride:

Hunting and beverage-of-choice cookies for the groom:

Everyone got a pretty big kick out of them and I could not have been happier to bring them along for two people I really care about.

The wedding was gorgeous and the company was amazing. And even though it has been a month already, I still cannot stop laughing from the week's events (sign of a great time!)

So congratulations once again to the Rs!

PS - Thank you to LML Events and Design for dedicating a post to One Preppy Cookie today. They played a big role in this wedding - go check out their site for more details!

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