Thursday, July 14, 2011

Birthday Girl Turns EIGHT!

You can find me at our neighborhood pool any weekend day I am in town throughout the summer. (Really, I try not to miss a day and plan my baking around it.) So it should come as no surprise that I can tell you every one of the pool "regulars" and have become friendly with many of them too. I've enjoyed befriending one family of "pool regulars" in particular this summer. While I've noticed them and waved to them for years, the girls are now old enough and good enough swimmers that sometimes their mom can sneak in a quick chat with me. :) She and I have been talking about my cookies and she asked me if I would make some for her daughter's eighth birthday. Of course I was happy to! M was not picky about what they looked like, only saying that the birthday girl likes sprinkles. So I decided to keep it bright and cheery, drawing that inspiration from the colorful, feminine bathing suits I see the girls wearing at the pool.

I hope you has a very HAPPY birthday Ava... and many thanks to your mom!

See you guys this weekend. :)

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