Friday, July 12, 2013

Five on Friday

For the first time I am going to participate in a blog link-up. Since I am fresh out of things to write about and have been slacking on posting cookies, this seemed like the perfect way to go!

1.) We went on vacation to the beach with friends last week. It was the first time I went to the beach for the 4th and hopefully won't be the last. It only adds to the celebration in my opinion! After ALL OF THE RAIN we have had so far this year, a few days in the sun left me feeling very grateful.

2.) As soon as we got home from the beach, I had to travel back out of town for work. Aside from a little Facetime with Mr. PC and a very confused goldendoodle, highlights of the trip included stops at two fine establishments we don't have at home...Sheetz and HOBBY LOBBY!

3.) When I came home from the second trip of the week, I was greeted by phase one of our kitchen update. We are embracing the "tuxedo" look as I now know it to be called. More updates to come over the weekend but so far so good!

4.) I have been on the hunt for a bar cart over the past few months. This past week I came across a winner on Craigs List and have already begun its transformation.

5.) Does anyone aside from me still love to collect cookbooks? I get this from my mom and between us we probably have more cookbooks than you'd care to believe. They finally have a home out of boxes thanks to our new kitchen cabinets now being able to hold the dishes that this hutch once held. Now to make the time to sit down and crack a couple of them open...

So in case you didn't already think I was among the more boring 30-somethings you "know" then this post must have only confirmed it. :) Oh well.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! A small sorority reunion is on the books for us and you know what that means:

Happy Friday!