Wednesday, August 24, 2011

VA Earthquake Recap

Well, yesterday afternoon was a bit crazy here in VA. I was walking down the hallway of my office building when the entire floor started loudly shaking. I thought maybe there had been a construction explosion for a split second until my coworkers started rushing toward the stairwell telling me to get out of the building as we were having an earthquake. An earthquake?! In Virginia?? It was a lot to process in a quick second but definitely turned out to be true. All 5.8 worth of true.

While of course I realize our earthquake pales in comparison to tragedies that have been experienced around the world due to much more severe events, it was still scary to people like me who felt the earth move for the first time yesterday.

Once the phone lines calmed down, I received this photo from my husband of the street outside his office. The one outside of mine looked the same way...

(Yes, that's us - the east coasters standing underneath high rises just after an earthquake. You can't blame us...we just don't know better!)

Thankfully the only evidence of an earthquake in our home aside from crooked paintings was one wine glass that had fallen out of our hutch, conveniently landing on the carpet and bouncing right side up. ;)

We are lucky and I am thankful. Yesterday was a day I will not forget for a while.

Now it's back to baking and life as usual!

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