Thursday, August 25, 2011

Take Me Out to the(Red Sox) Game!

When I was a little girl, I loved baseball. My brother and I would compete for the game tickets my dad would bring home and during the time we lived in Cincinnati, I bet we went to cheer the Reds on once a week. My brother had the opportunity to see the Reds play in the World Series at game two back in the day. In a selfish move, I had picked the tickets to the sixth game with visions of a more exciting event/seeing the Reds win it all at home but sadly the series was over in four games and I never got my shot at seeing a World Series game in Cinci. Lesson on the importance of selflessness learned.

These days I have to say I am not much of a baseball fan. I enjoy to go to about one game a year for the spirit of it but you will never catch me watching a game on TV. My husband though? Watches.Baseball.Every.Night. Unfortunately his team hasn't had much to show for themselves in years but he is dedicated nonetheless.

Thankfully for my friends, they are Red Sox fans. I have no idea if the Sox are good this season or not but they will have a spirited following no matter what. When my friend contacted me about making Red Sox cookies for her husband's birthday, I knew it might pain my Pirates-loving husband to see them but surprisingly he liked them as much as I did.

And if I didn't already have my one ball game logged for the season, they may have even motivated me to buy some tickets this weekend. ;)

Thank you once again Alicia and Happy Birthday to you Ronnie! Glad to hear you guys enjoyed these.

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