Monday, August 8, 2011

COOKIE Bouquet!

Over the weekend my very creative friend with a big sweet tooth turned the big 3-0. I have been wanting to attempt a cookie bouquet and knowing there are few people who would have appreciated it more, I got to work on Laura's bouquet. Naturally I wanted it to be birthday themed, but also to incorporate a few of her favorite things (silly, frivolous things of husband was disturbed when I didn't make a cookie of her son or husband!)

Without getting into too much detail about my friend L, her love of shoes, purses, famous drawer full of eye shadows, enjoyment of cupcakes and frequent hankering for french fries (one brand in particular as you will see) served as inspiration as I decorated away.

Another view once the cookies were wrapped...

I was very nervous about this bouquet making the 45 minute car ride to the vineyard we were celebrating at, but I held onto it carefully and it made its way there easily much to my (and the birthday girl's) delight!

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  1. They were even prettier in person! You are amazing Amy!