Friday, August 12, 2011


First of all, thank you all for your kind wishes yesterday. One Preppy Cookie fans are the BEST! I took a cookie break from the blog yesterday, but certainly not in the kitchen where I baked away as always. :)

Let's change gears though. This morning we are going to talk about dinosaurs. (Cookie bouquets, sushi, anniversary and dinosaurs - now there's an eclectic week!) My friend A's son turned one about two weeks ago and celebrated with a dinosaur party. I thought that was a bit different from the norm and was happy to work on cookies to match the creative event.

(Random side note and a thought about dinosaurs that makes ME actually feel like one. I remember sitting by the pool with my dad on a family vacation to Hawaii in 1992 and him closing a book he had just finished while saying, "This book would make a really great movie." That book was Jurassic Park and WOW does it seem like a long time ago since that was in the theatres.)

But back to the 1st birthday party. The bday boy's mom sent me links to his party decor and I did my best to match the design and colors...

I received the CUTEST photo of him eating a t-rex but since I did not ask permission to share it, the cookie pic will have to suffice for now.

Thank you so much for being a continued supporter Ang - I really appreciate it!

And a happy weekend to all!

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