Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Olivia the Pig

Even though I have never owned one "Olivia the Pig" book, I always think they are adorable when I pass them in the bookstore. ("Olivia Goes to Venice" particulalry appealed to me!) So when I was asked to make Olivia the Pig cookies for a birthday party, I was excited. The only problem? No such cookie cutter exists and I could not find an image online that was the correct size to make a template from. Enter my parents to the rescue who went to the library on my behalf and returned with three books for me to choose from. (Seriously, they are the best!) So, I traced the outline of Olivia in the size I wanted and then used it as a template to hand cut around. Thankfully I only needed to do eight actual Olivias or that may have been a timely endeavor.

I free handed the rest of the design and am pleased with the end result.

Hopefully the birthday girl Olivia agrees. :)

Thank you once again Paola, party planner extraordinaire!

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