Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sporty Spice

I've never been overly "sporty." Sure, I've run a few short races, done boot camp exercise trainings and have fallen in and out of gym routines over the years. However growing up I was never on an organized sports team aside from two or three summers on our community's swim team. Later in life I revealed to my parents that I cried myself to sleep on the eve of every swim meet. They of course felt terrible but sports have just never been my thing (even though my mom bribed me with a full size candy bar every day after practice.) I always preferred dance lessons and Student Government to field hockey and softball.

Enter a sporty four year old I had the pleasure of meeting last Friday night. At only four he is already a Lakers, Redksins and Yankees fanatic. His mom (a sorority sister of mine) incorporated his love for sports into his birthday cookies and I was happy to roll with her ideas.

Does watching Khloe and Lamar count as being familiar with the Lakers?? :)

I have a Pittsburgh Pirates-loving husband who may want to follow this boy's lead and consider converting to a Yankees fan if he wants to see his team in the World Series any time soon...

And although I cheer for them every year, I think we all know that the Redskins need to come up with a plan too. With a fan like last weekend's birthday boy leading the pack, here's to things turning around in no time!

So there is my dose of sports for the week. I hope you enjoyed!

Thank you very much April! I loved getting to meet your adorable family.

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