Friday, March 9, 2012

The Police

It's Friday! And I am thrilled about that. :) I've had a busy week between working, cookie making and sneaking in my beloved Zumba classes. I haven't been the best blogger lately but I have SO many cookie designs that I am excited to show you when I make the time to get all of the posts done.

First up - police cookies a friend requested to send to her friend who was just accepted to the Police Academy in his town. I decided to hand cut a few hats and badges to go along with jackets and police cars. I loved the idea of sending these as a congratulations and was happy with how they turned out.

Maybe if I ever get pulled over for speeding, I could show the Officer this photo with an "I owe you" to avoid a ticket?! Yeah, probably not! Oh well.

Thank you Cara! Very creative idea as always.

Wishing you all a very happy weekend - enjoy!

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