Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Hippos (and Birds!)

Last week I made cookies for a friend from high school's daughter's first birthday party. This friend and I were coworkers at a daycare after school, watching over the two year old room when we were only 17/18. It's amazing to think how quickly times flies and now her daughter is on her way to being old enough to be in that room we once worked in.

She sent me samples of the paper goods being used and let me go for it from there. The focus of the party ware was hippos and birds in bright colors. (Love!) I decided to hand cut shapes to draw the hippo heads on. Next up were the birds and I rounded it all out with some number ones for the birthday girl. (They were personalized but I missed taking a photo of that part.)

I made two extra cookies on sticks to put into her cake although I did not ask permission to share the photo...maybe next time!

Thank you very much Rachel - your little T is just precious!

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