Monday, March 12, 2012

The Final Rose

Oh, The Bachelor. I have been an incredibly loyal fan to a show that often frustrates me. I can get past the silliness of the overall premise of twenty five women competing for one man, but ABC sure knows how to tug at my nerves with some of the antics they pull (think the Jason/Melissa/Molly saga.) And don't even get me started on why the heck they gave Bachelor Brad two chances. Ben is among my least favorite Bachelors to date but of course I still watch. I suppose I will continue holding out hope for another Andrew Firestone to enter into the "quest for love."

So in honor of tonight's season finale, I wanted to share the rose cookies I made recently for a baby shower. They are topped with buttercream icing instead of royal and if they were red instead of pink, would probably make Chris Harrison proud. :)

(These photos are brought to you by another obsession of mine - Instagram. You can follow me along at onepreppycookie.)

Thank you as always Mary!

Happy Monday everyone.

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