Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Baby Baby Baby Oh!

Funny story: The other morning as I am getting ready for my work day to start, I scrolled through Facebook on my phone only to find the following status update from my husband. "Ahhhh! Just turned up the volume to a catchy new song on the radio... to find out it was Beiber!" I about died laughing. You see he very rarely posts anything on Facebook unless it has to do with sports or politics. To think that he would post an admission like that was somewhat shocking...and generated quite the reaction from his friends. I haven't heard the song yet, but when I was thinking of a title for this post the Beibs immediately popped into my head thanks in part to that Facebook status crack-up.

If you have been reading this blog for a while you know that I make a LOT of cookies for baby showers. (If I had been writing this blog five years ago, you would see me making a LOT of bridal shower cookies, so this evolution only makes sense.) I have mentioned before that onesies are by far my number one request but sometimes people switch it up a bit. When a friend asked me if I could make a silhouette of a mom-to-be I said yes and hoped I could make it happen. She asked for a pink and blue heart on the stomach to represent her twins and I love how the cookies turned out in the end.

Of course no baby shower would be complete without onesie cookies. We added both pink and blue with a few yellow and gray striped cookies to represent the babies' bedding.

Thank you Beth and congratulations on the arrival of your little ones!

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