Thursday, February 2, 2012


We celebrated a birthday in the Preppy Cookie family yesterday - our goldendoodle Millie turned three! She is a very loved girl so of course her birthday could not go unmentioned. Millie wore her annual grosgrain ribbon party hat and happily posed for her birthday photo.

My friend sent me a recipe for "pupcakes" a few months ago and I finally decided to give them a try with this celebration upon us. The ingredients are friendly for both human and pups, although somehow I think they appeal to the latter of the two. With a mini biscuit as a garnish, we were all set for a tasting!

And based on the birthday girl's reaction...

They received two paws up! (Haha I could not resist saying that.)

This was my first experience in canine baking although I know it was not my last as I have been dying to try my hand at "royal icing" dog biscuits. Stay tuned!

PS - After a quick google search, it looks like there are some fun canine baking recipes here. Oh the possibilities!

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