Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Little Princess

I love "girly" girls. Many of my friends have very girly daughters and I never get tired of playing dress up with them or pretending that their baby dolls are real. So when a friend asked me to make fabulous princess cookies for her very girly niece, I was inspired! Instead of the Disney route, we went with a classic princess theme, complete with the token shoe, castle, crown, horse, frog and of course a princess complete with the birthday girl's hair color (and of course a preppy strand of pearls.) Add in some bright colors, glitter and sprinkles and I think the theme was complete. See the cookies in the top left corner? The simple "4" cookie surrounded by sprinkles. It's one of my favorites. The least amount of work in the bunch, but a fun standout nonetheless.

Here's hoping that this little princess loved them.

Thank you Elisa!

1 comment:

  1. My little Princess Sadie absolutely loved them!!! Thanks Amy for making her 4th birthday so special!