Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Original Cookies

Can you imagine being in high school and pulling into the parking space next to Steve's Corvette fitted with this license plate?

And settling in to first period with a Brandon-and-Andrea-approved copy of The Blaze?

Maybe after school we'd head over for a slice of pie at The Peach Pit...

And of course we would rally for our good friend Donna.

To make sure she graduated from here:

Once we ensured that everyone in the gang graduated, we could all go to college together and join Alpha or KEG respectively.

Did you figure out where I am yet?

That's right! I'm here...

("Dananana Dananana Chh Chh" - my attempt at getting the theme song in your head.)

It's funny. I was not allowed to watch Beverly Hills 90210 for the first few years it came out. Yet I can remember their high school newspaper's name and not the one from my own alma mater. I specifically remember my roommates and I gathering around our TV in college in my first off-campus apartment watching the episodes weekly. (If only I could show you the TV we had. It was decades old at THAT time.) We cried at the final episode and wondered how we would fill the void. Little did we know that we would be okay considering the fact that there are reruns on EVERY day.

Enter a friend (ironically from my high school) who asked for cookies honoring her 90210-loving sister's birthday. A little rusty on my Beverly Hills trivia, I contacted that most loyal follower of the show I know who quickly gave me some great ideas to get going with.

There is nothing like a little nostalgia to make everyone happy.

Thank you Kim...and also to the ladies who provided inspiration!


  1. I am honored to be referred to as a "loyal" follower. The episodes started over on Soap Net last weekend, and indeed I did cry at the finale, as well as really enjoy watching the pilot immediately afterward! Its amazing how much changed in 10 years!

  2. These are amazing...and the possibilities are endless!!! Cal U, The Beverly Beat, The After Dark, a Megaburger, Valarie Malone handcuffs, Donna Martin Design dresses, David Silver cassette tape, Brenda vs Kelly cupcake cookies, Emily Valentine lighters, Noah Hunter sailboats, Dylan surfboards.... I'll be placing an order shortly haha.