Tuesday, September 6, 2011

TUTORIAL: Back to School Do It Yourself - Grosgrain Ribbon Notebooks

It's officially that time of year...back to school! Hard to believe. I always loved school and was one of those people that LOVED having new supplies each year. Fresh supplies, fresh start. (I'm STILL that way!)

My favorite "tween" is starting middle school today and I wanted to make her a little something fun in honor of this new chapter. I decided I was going to jazz up a simple notebook for her. I took a few photos along the way so I could put together an easy tutorial for you on how to make a preppy grosgrain ribbon notebook.

To make this notebook you will need:

-Ribbon cut into strips
-Notebook of your choice
-Hot glue gun

First cut ribbon into strips long enough to stretch the length of the notebook with about one inch extra ribbon on either side.

The hot glue the ribbon onto the inside of the top of the notebook.

Pull the ribbon across the front of the notebook.

And then hot glue it to the inside bottom.

Your edges do not have to all line up perfectly (as you can see) because you will cut 2 more strips of ribbon the width of the interior of your notebook to cover the edges. Hot glue that ribbon over your already glued edges.

Repeat this entire process for the back cover of your notebook.

This could easily be the finished project. Easy, inexpensive, cute...and preppy!

However my favorite middle school prepster also has a real thing for peace signs. So in a tribute to that, I decided to add a fabric iron-on.

I set the iron to the wool setting and quickly pressed on the applique.


The thank you phone call I received after she opened her gift was so cute. This went over very well which of course made me happy. And if it's "cool" enough for a middle schooler, then I'd say it's about safe for any grade. ;)

You could do so many things with notebooks to make them fun for school. Cut your favorite wrapping paper to the size of the notebook cover and Mod Podge it on, cut fabric to the notebook's size and hot glue it to the inside cover, or even wrap them in contact paper. Such an easy way to put a personal spin on basic school supplies.

So here's to a happy, healthy, safe 2011-2012 school year. Enjoy!


  1. I totally love this idea! I am going to do it asap for Christmas gifts!

  2. What a cute idea! I'm visiting due to the DIY blog hop on Kappa Prep's site.