Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Red Wagon Cookies

What could be more symbolic of childhood than a red wagon? Probably not many things that many generations can commonly think of. I had one growing up and they are certainly still all the rage. So when my friend contacted me about making cookies for her son's first birthday party with a red wagon theme, I was happy for the opportunity.

You know what I learned though? Making red wagon cookies with an attached handle is not all that easy. The handle would much prefer its independence rather than remaining attached to the wagon. ;) Since I was not willing to sacrifice the thickness of my cookies for a thinner cookie with an easily attached handle, the result was a few broken wagons passed along to friends. They didn't seem to mind the detached handle nearly as much as I did! What I learned in the end was patience was key when it came to giving the cookies enough time to completely cool prior to moving them.

Once I got the hang of it, I had fun working through the design of the wagons. Keeping it simple and classic was all these cookies needed. The birthday boy's mom (and one of my most supportive fans) loved them which made the minor baking drama well worth it!

So HAPPY Birthday Chase...and congratulations H&K for making it through year one with flying colors (and no broken handles!)

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  1. HAHA! Thank you Amy! Everyone loves them and there are a 2 great grandparents that refuse to eat them because they are too perfect... so they sit on the mantle! hahah! You are the best! Thanks for ALL your hard work!