Monday, September 26, 2011

Sorority Life

I loved college. I think we've already covered that. One of the main reasons that I loved college so much was undoubtedly thanks to my beloved sorority days in Alpha Phi. Many of my closest friends today are my pledge sisters and the memories of the fun times are endless.

Enter my sorority sister's real-life little sister who is loving life being a part of her own sorority at college down south. Seeing her photos always makes me so nostalgic (and thankful that we didn't have digital cameras and Facebook in college I might add - is it me or are college girls today so much more stylish and and thin?!) ;) It's fun to see her enjoying herself and reliving the fun that I remember from my college sorority days. So when she asked me to make cookies for her Kappa Delta big sis revelation, I was thrilled considering that event remains one of my favorite memories.

I was given full creative reign here and decided to incorporate the sorority colors, symbol, sneak in some school spirit and of course mention the occasion at hand. I had so much fun making these while reminiscing about the pizza I received with A-Phi written in pepperoni during my big sis clue week! Loved that.

Thank you very much Jackie! I'm so happy you're having fun...keep the pictures coming for your jealous friend, okay?? :)


  1. I am WAY closer to my sorority sisters than any friends I ever had in high school or otherwise.

  2. Ahhh....thinking about the pepperonis on that A-Phi pizza right now. If only we had One Preppy Cookie in operation during our Big Sis Rev?!

  3. What great memories! Jackie loved the cookies and all of the other girls did too! I have a feeling you May be doing more kappa delta cookies in the future