Friday, September 30, 2011

The BIG Game...Let's GO HOKIES!

Well, we've come to the point in our football season that the "big games" that really matter are here! Tomorrow my Hokies will be playing the Clemson Tigers. While I won't be heading to Blacksburg this weekend, my cookies will be making the trip with two sets of friends.

Being a dual alma mater household with both parties being passionate about our team, I know the conflict that must occur when your teams play each other. You're used to cheering for both, but then you are forced to side with YOUR team. Thankfully we have not had to face that in our house, but our good friends are in that boat this weekend. Therefore their cookies were made half Hokies, half Tigers.

Hopefully they will make a nice treat to drown the Tigers' sorrows in after the game (although I will admit to my nerves as Clemson has been on QUITE the roll lately.)

Then we have a batch going along with my friends whose Hokie heritage dates back several generations. They are acting as gracious hosts this weekend to a Clemson friend and asked for "ONE" cookie in their honor...

Thank you Lauren & Chris and Team Reynolds for giving me something fun to work on this week to get in the spirit. Looking forward to being friends again rather than rivals starting Sunday. :)

Have a great weekend everyone. And LET'S GO HOKIES!!!!!!!!

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