Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sip and See - Cookies for Kate!

My friend from high school, sorority sister and coworker (yeah, we have a lot in common) just welcomed her second baby in May. This past weekend we celebrated Kate's arrival with a 'Sip and See.' As my husband said when he saw the (adorable) invitation on the fridge, "You girls will think of any reason to have a party." ;) Why yes we will and a fabulous celebration it was!

The hostesses went all out with a tea party brunch themed in pink and green with monograms. Being that this is RIGHT up my alley, I was happy to bring some cookies along to the celebration. I hand piped the monograms out of chocolate in advance and think they were certainly suitable for the guest of honor!

Congratulations once again K - we love having your sweet Kate here!


  1. Amy--my family are big monogram people too and Addison is often referred to as "ASK". Perhaps we'll talk more about her theme/cookie order. I love these! Congrats to your friend, May babies are great! xoxo

  2. OMG those are awesome! I love the colors & they look absolutely perfect! Very nice :)

    xo katie elizabeth