Wednesday, November 16, 2011

TUTORIAL: How to Make a Flower Pin

About a month ago I received this invitation in the mail:

My friend, the hostess, is SERIOUS about her Twilight love. So serious in fact that she flew to California for the past two premieres. So when the invitation encourages you to wear your Twilight gear, you know she means business.

Another friend helped me brainstorm some intense costume ideas, but let's face it...I am just not that hard core. So I am going the black clothing route but wanted to show a little more spirit.

I wandered my fabric store for quite some time Monday night until an artificial poinsettia bloom caught my eye in the Christmas aisle. I spotted it and knew I could attempt to reconstruct it into the "New Moon" flower. And for $1.50 the price was right. You could do this project with any artificial flower you'd like to pull apart or even with fabric like I did for my pirate flower.

To make a flower pin you will need:

-Artificial flower OR 1/4 yard fabric of your choice
-Small piece of felt
-Hot glue gun
-An embellishment of your choice for the center

First cut the petals off of the flower and shape them if needed (I needed to trim the point off each petal.)

The cut a small circle out of a piece of felt (no need for perfection here!)

Hot glue the felt to the front of your pin.

Then begin to glue the petals onto the felt, arranging them as you'd like.

Keep layering...

Until you have the size pin that you're going for.

The last step is to hot glue your embellishment into the center. I did not actually glue this pearl on yet as I am still searching for a chess piece to represent "Breaking Dawn" but I wanted to show you where it would go.


So next time you want to show some spirit but not too much, consider making a quick accessory. You could customize this for any occasion!

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  1. This is so great! I would LOVE one in our school colors to add to my game day "flair!"