Thursday, November 17, 2011

Breaking Dawn Part One - The Wait is OVER!

Whenever I think of the Twilight book series, I think of a vacation I was on three years ago this month. A group of our friends spent a little over a week in Key West with the grand finale being our friends' wedding. It was an amazing trip, but had a few chilly days. Determined not to let the chill deprive us of our beach time, we bundled up and sat in the sun anyway. My friend L and I were right in the middle of the Twilight series during that time, not minding the cold weather one bit as we were absolutely engrossed in the tales of Edward and Bella...

I am 100% a books over movie girl, but have high hopes for Breaking Dawn. While I will not have the opportunity to see it until next week, I have had the opportunity to make cookies to get in the spirit.

These cookies will be going to a celebratory premiere party tonight at my "Twi-hard" friend's house. I represented all four books in the cookies and have to say had a great time making them!

So, HERE is the question...

Team Edward or Team Jacob???

Thank you MaryJo!

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  1. Even though I have never read a Twilight book or seen one of the movies I think its fabulous the way you incorporated different things from each of the novels!