Wednesday, November 23, 2011

TUTORIAL: How to Make a Mason Jar Snow Globe

Last week I went shopping with a friend at a store that is often referred to as "Anthro" for short. You know, the one whose name when spelled with a "y" at the end instead of an "ie" means the study of humanity. Well, if you are with me then you know that this particular store has some fun gifts and stocking stuffers...though sometimes a bit on the pricey side.

While we were there, I picked up this snow globe made out of a small mason jar.

I turned it over to see that it cost $25! What?!?! I knew right away that I could make it for under $5 and document how to do so here. So consider this the craft version of "The Look for Less!" :)

This is the perfect quick activity to do with children (adults man the glue gun of course.) I could also see it working as a fun centerpiece for a winter dinner party or even serve as place cards or menu cards if you placed those items inside of the jar. The mason jars and inside contents may be adapted to any size of your liking.

To make a mason jar snow globe you will need:

-Mason jars in the size of your choice - I used 8 oz.
-Artificial snow
-Mini decorative trees - found in any craft store. (Mine had snow on them already but if yours don't you could use spray glue and glitter for the same look.)
-Hot glue

First unscrew the lid from the jar. Take your hot glue and place a dab on the bottom of a tree.

Place the glue onto the inside of the lid.

Repeat with as many trees as you would like. (I also saw miniature Santas, sleighs, presents, etc. while shopping for my supplies that would all look cute in these.)

Add as much artificial snow as you would like into the mason jar.

Then simply put the lid (tree side down) into the jar and screw on the cap.

That's it!

Here is the cost breakdown.

-Snow: $0.21/jar ($2.09 with 40% coupon - bag will make about 10 snow globes.)
-Mason jar:$1.20 each
-Trees: $0.66/jar ($1.99 for 12 piece bag)

Total cost for 8 oz mason jar snow globe: Under $2.15 each (& that's adding in a little for the glue!)


  1. Look how cute these are! I bet even I could make these!

  2. Adorable! I am going to give these a try...thanks!

  3. I beleive you can also make these with some liqued subsance who's name has escaped me then they litterally shake and drop, wish i could remember it's name :)

  4. Glycerine is the ingredient added to water to make the "snow" slowly fall in snowglobes. I made some of these recently and used epsom salts for my snow... it really does look like snow too! Now to try and find mini trees, our Hobby Lobby doesn't have any and its the only craft store within 60 miles.

  5. Just found this through Hopsy's link up. What a great idea! I'll give it a shot if I can find mini trees!