Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Baubles, Tennis, Birthday & More

I had the pleasure of making cookies for a thirtieth birthday party a few weeks ago. The birthday girl's mom contacted me directly and wanted to surprise her daughter with the cookies. She gave me a list of interests of her daughter's as well as the meaning behind some of those interests. The cookies were customized based on the stories and some had special meaning to her family. In the end the mix worked well together despite the varying shapes and colors.

I am always a fan of the little black dress with pearls cookie:

And the tennis rackets were a favorite of mine (first time I have made those!)

(These are all Instagram photos - you can find me on Instagram at onepreppycookie.)

Finally I worked in a few "bauble" cookie designs I had originally done for a friend's Stella and Dot party...

The bauble cookies (and colors) are also among my favorites.

Thank you Pat and Mary Jo!