Monday, January 30, 2012

TUTORIAL: How to Make a No Sew Applique Shirt

My friends certainly were inspired this weekend! I received texts proudly showing off a custom iPhone case, DIY cork and chalk boards from old frames and adorable no sew applique shirts. (So impressed ladies!) Luckily all three are OPC readers and happily accepted when I asked if they would be interested in putting together a tutorial of sorts to show us how they accomplished these gems.

First up is my good friend Krissy of "In My Life." Even with twin toddler boys and a full schedule to manage, Krissy always is texting me photos of creations she has made and/or baked. We have gone back and forth with recipes and projects for years - it would be dangerous if we lived in the same city!

I will let her do the talking and show us how to make these CUTE shirts. Thank you so much Krissy for taking the time to write this us!

This is nothing new and certainly you can find fancier versions on many other websites and blogs. But the fact that I was able to make it at all (and cheap too!) is what excites me AND that my boys will be sporting their shirts made by yours truly is even better.

I've had in my head that I'd find some cute birthday shirts for the boys to wear on their upcoming special day, so I started searching Etsy and talking to a friend who makes her own personalized items. Then a couple weeks ago I attended a baby shower and the creative hosts had a 'bib and onesie decorating station.' Super clever, user friendly, personal, and cute! And it hit me...once I'd made an outfit for the guest of honor: bun in the oven, I realized this is what I'd been looking for. Thanks to Erin (who happens to do some fabulous design work, which can be seen here) I went home with some spare prepped fabric scraps and her specific instructions (below). That night I dug out some plain shirts in the boys' drawers and got to work. Ten minutes later mission accomplished: superstar two year old birthday shirts!!! Thank you, Amy, for the decorative stitching (optional).

Fabric - Hancock Fabric sells "Design by the Piece" singles for $1.99 each. They're cotton and measure 18" by 21".
Iron-on Adhesive - I bought "Heat and Bond" for $2.99/yard. After reading some more though, I've heard "Stitch Witchery" and "Wonder Under" may be even better for someone planning to go around the applique with a sewing machine.

-Wash and dry all the fabric and bib/onesie/t-shirt so nothing shrinks up after applying the appliques.
-Cut the Heat and Bond just smaller than the fabric sheets and iron the "glue" side down onto the wrong side of the fabric, leaving the paper up
-Trace shape on the backside of the fabric...a pen will move more smoothly over the Heat and Bond. Remember that if you're doing a letter to trace it backwards because when you flip it over to iron on you'll want it facing the right direction!
-Cut out shape.
-Remove the paper backing and place shape 'tacky' side down onto fabric.
-Place cardboard piece inside the onesie/t-shirt or underneath the bib.
-Iron (cotton setting) shape onto bib/onesie/t-shirt.

The possibilities are endless...children's gifts here I come!

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