Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Making it Personal

Do you know what I love most about attending parties and showers? No, it's not seeing who had the nicest venue and it's not whose food was the fanciest either. It's not who has the most activities nor who went all out on decor. For me my favorite part of parties is seeing the personal touches. The little things that the host(ess) did to make the event personal and show that they care. Not everyone is creative and not everyone is the best cook. But everyone throws a party or shower because they care about the recipient and/or guests. We may express that thought in different ways and I always love to see it.

I do happen to be creative and I do love to bake. So I decided to combine those two things over the weekend while I participated in celebrating a friends' baby. I took a simple white box, trimmed it in ribbon using spray glue and attached a flower sticker over the seam (the mom-to-be LOVES fresh flowers.) I then baked and frosted cupcakes (another love of hers) that served as both our dessert and favor. It was my way of making it personal.

Don't love the baking part? Then you could fill the box with store-bought cupcakes. It's the thought that counts. :)

Congratulations Nicole! I cannot wait to meet baby L very soon.


  1. Adorable! Is there anything you can't do?

  2. Everything you do always has 'your touch.' Love it:)