Thursday, December 8, 2011

TUTORIAL: How to Make a No Sew Party Hat

As you know, we had a very special birthday to celebrate in our circle of friends recently. In the weeks leading up to the party my friend called me to say that the best birthday gift I could give her daughter would be to make her a birthday hat. Not only did my friend have visions of Claire wearing it on her big day, but more importantly she wanted to put the hat in her "bookcase of fame" as a memento of the birthday girl's achievement.

I gladly accepted and got to work. I remembered to take a few (cell phone) photos along the way and wanted to share this DIY project with you!

To Make a No Sew Party Hat you will need:

-Party hat
-Fabric (1/2 yard. I bought two 1/2 half yards since I covered both sides.)
-Spray glue
-Yarn (and optional pom-pom maker)
-Iron on applique
-Trim for bottom of hat
-Ribbon for chin tie
-Hot glue gun

(Note: I ditched the fabric glue in the photo above for spray glue, did not use the puff paint and added in my trusty hot glue gun.)

First I removed the trim from the party hat I had purchased.

Then I flattened out the hat under a stack of books for an hour or so.

Next up I made the pom-pom for the top of the hat. There are many tutorials online regarding how to do this by hand but I prefer my handy tool.

Next trace the flattened hat onto one piece of fabric. Spray the glue onto the back of the fabric and attach it to the inside of the party hat. Repeat the same process for the outside of the hat. Make sure you glue the fabric you want showing to the inside of the original hat so that the design does not peek through. Once both sides are covered, put the hat back together into a cone shape. (I had cut slits in the fabric where the paper hat attached. That made it easier to fit back together once it was covered in fabric.) I used a dab of hot glue where the hat inserted back together.

This is also where I ironed on the cupcake applique. I then cut a small number 1 out of scrap fabric and used the spray glue to attach it to the iron-on.

Hot glue your pom to the top of the hat. Finally hot glue your trim to the bottom of the hat and hot glue your ribbons onto the inside of the hat to serve as chin straps.

In the end I was very happy with the results. If I had to do it again for a one year old, I was definitely use a smaller hat, however I know that this tall version will look nice in "the bookcase." :)

This hat can be adapted to any color scheme...the possibilities are endless!

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