Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Cookie Decorating

I came across this photo of me the other day from what must have been first or second grade:

Funny thing is that you can find me using this very technique and very similar supplies almost every single night. Little did whomever took this photo know that it was a vision of foreshadowing at its best!

Last night I hosted a few friends of similar age to me in the photo for cookie decorating! I did not make them do the rolling seen above, but every other step of the process was up to them.

We had a good time and saw some creative masterpieces in the works. Santa ended up with some beautiful cookies...I hope he likes a LOT of icing and sprinkles. :)

Need a quick activity so you can wrap, cook, or just take a little breather this weekend? Set out a few toothpicks, marshmallows, candy, fruit roll-ups, etc. and let your kids build their own snowmen...

What a fun evening celebrating the season!

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