Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Cake Pops

One night after an evening of attempting to make decorated cookies for her son's school birthday party, my friend H sent me a text saying, "I bow to you. That was HARD." I understood what she meant. There are many things in life that take a lot of practice. Whenever I am struggling to master something new I have to remind myself that Tiger Woods himself practices golf every.single.morning. Things just don't come easy in life without a LOT of consistent practice.

You know how I "bow to" though? (I am talking baking-wise here.) People who are cake pop wizards. Recently I saw a tweet saying that there should be a Cake Pop Awareness Day to acknowledge the emotional stress they induce. I laughed out loud and could not have agreed more. So when I came across this website yesterday I wanted to send the blogger a note saying, "I bow to you. That looks HARD." And you know what she would probably write back? That I would get the hang of it after a while. It just takes practice.

These red velvet cake pops were at a friend's ornament party last weekend. I had warned her that although they would not be in an elaborate shape, I would instead spend my time making sure they were delicious. I figure that if Starbucks can stick with round cake pops with a focus on taste, then I will go ahead and follow suit. :)

So here's to practice making perfect...and taste trumping presentation once in a while.

Thank you Decia!

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  1. I can't imagine you every baking something less than perfection! hahah ;)