Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Cookies Explained

Season's Greetings!

If you're not on Facebook then you may not have seen the Christmas cookies I made last week. I thought I would show them to my loyal blog readers and also explain why I chose the shapes that I did for round one. While each of the shapes is certainly traditional, there is specific meaning to me behind each one.

Ornaments - I'm not a themed tree kind of girl. While I know that will change some day when I have enough space for multiple trees, for now I stick with the "eclectic" tree. We look for an ornament whenever we travel and I really enjoy unpacking our treasures each year and remembering where we've visited.

Christmas trees - We go the live route every year and I always look forward to the day when we put our tree up!

Snowflakes - While I consider myself a warm weather girl at heart, I do love a good snowfall. Making these reminded me of the 2 blizzards we experienced in 2010. While I do not hope to see that repeated this year, it really was kind of fun.

Santa's sleigh - When I bought this cutter, I had one story in mind. My grandfather always told us a story about his uncle "spotting Santa Claus in his sleigh" one Christmas Eve when he was a child. His uncle told him that he saw a new vacuum for my great grandmother peeking out the back of the sleigh and the next morning there it was under the tree. :) I love the memory of him telling that story.

Peppermints and candy canes - This is an alternative until I have the time to experiment with ribbon candy cookies. That is the traditional candy my family buys this time of year. I don't think any of us have ever eaten it, but we love to display it in my great grandmother's candy dish.

Colored bulbs - Oh how I BEGGED my parents to put these on our tree each year. My mom always went with traditional white lights on the tree (as I still do today) but there was a period of time when these colored bulbs were my favorite. To appease me, my dad would decorate one tree in the backyard with these large colored bulbs.

Holly - Every year my grandfather would cut fresh sprigs of holly from his yard and tie them onto his car's antenna. It was a true symbol of Christmas for us.

And finally - presents. I love wrapping gifts and often am called out at showers and parties as the recipient can usually spot my gift in a split second.

Whew! Anyone still reading this?? Thank you for letting me share the meaning behind my choices. There are many seasonal cookies still to come...I promise next time I will break them up into separate posts.

'Tis the season!

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