Thursday, October 27, 2011

Trick or Treat!

Want to know a little something about me? I don't really LOVE candy. Don't get me wrong...I have been known to have an Almond Joy or a handful of Sour Patch Kids from time to time, but overall my desire for candy is certainly not frequent. That goes for holiday candy in particular. I am not one of those people who rushes out in the early fall to stock up on candy corn for a snack (I think that dates back to an overdose in college.) I do however think it makes for excellent decoration, so you better believe I have a couple of bags in the cabinet to place in a vase or in a dish on our coffee table. I discovered this week that candy corn also makes for cute sugar cookies.

So if the actual candy isn't your thing, then you can have a look-alike cookie like I will...

HAPPY Halloween!

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