Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Flower Shower

I love flowers. I grew up with parents who are excellent gardeners but never really caught the green thumb bug myself until about 6 years ago. While I have absolutely no space for a vegetable garden, I have packed our small patio area with flowers, much to the amusement of friends who visit and also to the delight of a neighbor who has dropped off baked goods for us as a "thank you for the pretty flowers."

This is the first fall where I have dahlias growing as a result of planting bulbs over the summer. I had dahlias in my wedding bouquet as they are a flower that has always grown at my family's home and it is nice to have some of my own this year.

So when I heard that my friend was having a summer garden themed bridal shower for her future sister-in-law, I was excited to make the cookie favors for the event. K said that the bride's flowers were mostly purple with red berries, leading me to free-hand bouquets matching that description. To vary the favors, I also did a whimsical cookie with flowers buds to compliment the bouquets.

Hurricane Irene ended up altering the guest list, but hopefully the flowers were cheery in the rain anyway. ;) Thank you very much Katie!

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