Friday, October 7, 2011

A Tribute to the Bachelorette!

When a friend of mine asked me to make cookies to bring to a Bachelorette Party, I assumed she would be interested in the "traditional" bachelorette designs. Instead she wanted to personalize the mix a bit. She gave me a few facts about the guest of honor and said she trusted me from there. The list included that the bride-to-be lives in Philly, will be having a Key West wedding, is a teacher and a University of Maryland grad. Hmmm, I had to think about that for a few days before I determined what I wanted to do. I decided to play on that knowledge and came up with the apple cookie in her married name to represent her profession, a UMD tee to support her alma mater, shells for the beach wedding, the LOVE statue for Philly, engagement rings and champagne (it was a Bachelorette Party after all!)

I think in the end it all worked well together.

So cheers to the Bachelorette. And many thanks to you Susan!

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  1. Thanks Amy! We loved that--as we did the first time. I get so excited to pick up my orders from you. I can't wait to work with you again for the holidays. Everyone loved the cookies in Philly and thought they were so cute. The UMD grads were especially thankful for the Terps gear and many girls asked to take extras for late night :-) Thanks again for sharing your talents with us!