Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Boys vs. Girls Birthday Theme of Choice

About a month ago I made cookies for my good friends' children. Their birthdays are four years and one week apart and it was fun to see the difference in their interests.

Of course mom and dad had to step in to communicate the one year old little brother's wishes. These days he is into the Berenstain Bears and cars. I kept that in mind and mixed in a few other birthday cookies to make it a festive mix. I received a CUTE photo of little J enjoying one of his "Brother Bear" cookies and he looked as though he gave it two thumbs up!

Big(and much more sophisticated of course) sister chose a "princess and horse" theme for her cookies. I have been a part of A's life from the beginning and have loved seeing her girly side develop. This cookie theme was a perfect choice for the birthday girl and when I went to her house to drop them off, the first thing she did was confirm that I had remembered the horses. ;) Then she asked me if I had included a Buzz Lightyear cookie. (???) Oh well, I guess maybe we know next year's theme already! To carry out the princess theme I included sparkly shoes, dresses, scepter wands and of course a castle. (I am sure Buzz would prefer not be be wearing a dress and sparkly heels anyway!)

So happy (now belated) birthday A & J! Looking forward to seeing what you're into next year.

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