Monday, April 30, 2012

Getting in Character

There is no doubt that this blog has served as a creative outlet for me. You can constantly find me in the middle of a project and it has been really nice to have people to share those things with. The extra "projects" have certainly been limited lately by the amount of cookies I have been making. That's okay though because they have forced me to work on my drawing skills, particularly with all of the character cookies I have created. These cookies are by FAR the most challenging and time consuming and I will admit that whenever people ask me for these I get nervous. However I think I have done a pretty good job replicating thus far. Of course there are requests for the classics, but some of these I had to do a little research on and get with the times!

So I thought this morning I would share my current collection of character should be interesting to see what this will look like a year from now!

Have a great week everyone!