Thursday, April 12, 2012

Birthday Girls

I have had the opportunity to make some adorable cookies for a few birthday girls lately. A girly birthday party is right up my alley so I always love doing these. Birthday parties were always a big thing for me growing up. The day after Christmas I would get out a notebook and start drafting a list for my February birthday (I'm sure my parents loved that!) We mainly had at-home birthday parties, something I really appreciate looking back. It's nice to have those memories at home. Thanks in part to a lack of Pinterest and Martha Stewart Magazine, the biggest fuss that went into our party planning was a trip to the party store to pick our paper goods and goodie bags, along with a choice in our cake theme. These days I find myself "pinning" party theme after party theme...I hope I can keep my head about me someday when I am planning children's birthday parties!

Anyway, back to these cute cookies. First we had Anna, an 8 year old who loves dance, bright colors and "anything cool." Her mom let me go from there and here is what I came up with:

Next we had cookies for a friend's precious 3 year old daughter. I was told she loves PINK and girly kind of gal!

And finally cupcake cookies for the joint birthday party of three one year olds. The cupcake cookie happens to be a favorite of mine.

So happy birthday to these lovely ladies and thank you to their moms - Deanna, Merritt & Marta.

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