Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Evolution of a Fox Cookie

I always love new ideas for cookies....I know I mention that a lot but it's true. So when a friend asked me to make "cookies of a fox wearing a Tiffany blue scarf" I thougth sure, why not?

I get asked regularly how long it takes me to make decorated cookies. The answer? A long time. First and foremost the dough needs to be made and the cookies baked. Then I make the icing and tint it individually into the colors I need.

Next up is hand drawing each cookie's design on with piping tubes.

After that each cookie must be individually filled with thinned icing. There are many toothpicks and hours involved in this step.

Finally the cookies must be packaged. Again...time.

Hence why I no longer know what is going on in Nene and Tamra's lives (Real Housewives reference.) That's probably a good thing though as I love doing what I do.

I hope to do a few specific cookie tutorials come the holiday season so please stay tuned.

Thank you for the cute cookie idea Candyce - I loved it!

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