Friday, November 16, 2012

Breaking Dawn Party (and Cookies!)

I have a friend who takes "Twi-hard" to a new level. She has traveled to movie premiers, knows every last nuance of each book, ordered custom Twilight shoes and even hosts an amazing annual party that would make the Cullens proud. There is no detail spared at these events and though I turn into a pumpkin long before the movies premiere, I enjoy attending the party each year with the early crowd.

From decor to themed cocktails to gift bags, this party never disappoints...

Me with the hostess with the mostess:

And of course there were cookies this year:

I most likely won't be seeing the movie for a while (books > movie EVERY time for me) but wish those of you going to see it this weekend a great time.

Plus que ma propre vie.

Thank you as always MaryJo!


  1. You are too sweet...I was able to do a lot of those things b/c you have counselled me on all things party ;)!

  2. Thank you, so sweet. I was able to do some things thanks to your counsel!