Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Thank Heaven for Little Girls

Last week was the week of celebrating baby girls over here. Of course I am always all for a few days full of pink so that suits me just fine.

First up was am order that was sent to a friend in Colorado for her baby shower by her mom (also a friend.) They are loyal OPC readers and picked a few of their past favorites to add into the mix while letting me add a few new designs to change thing up a bit.

Next was an order for a pink and green baby shower (of course I was loving that as well.)

Finally it was time to work on a pink and green baptism celebration (seriously, it really was a good week for my taste!)

A friend sent me the invitation in advance featuring a monogrammed christening gown which of course came into play for the mix of cookies. So cute!

There were also football teams, farm animals and characters thrown into the week but I was loving the pink theme for a day or two...

Thank you Sandy, Kristen and Lauren!

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