Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tractor Time

I am not a girl who grew up on a farm, so when I think of tractors I automatically think of riding lawnmowers. :) True story. In fact I always had a strange fondness for mowing my parents' lawn growing up when they had a riding mower. They never once asked me to do it, but it was one of my favorite things to do for some reason. Maybe it was the time in the sun, or the alone time with music, or maybe it was the satisfaction of seeing my work pay off. I really don't know.

Anyway, onto the cookies for today. I had two parties a couple of weeks ago that worked tractors into their theme. The first was a birthday celebration for 2 brothers. One likes Batman and one likes tractors so their mom and I decided on half & half.

(Random personal Batman fact: The only movie I have ever walked out on in my life was one of the Batman movies. Thankfully there was no movie viewing going on here - just cookie decorating.)

The other party was a tractor themed second birthday party. There were a lot of plaid accents worked into the party so we played that up in the cookies too.

All three birthday boys are adorable and I hope they had a great time at their parties. Thank you Melissa and Jen!

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