Friday, July 27, 2012

London in Cookies

Once upon a time I was a (barely) twenty year old college student on Spring Break in London with three sorority sisters. Everyone else we knew was in Acapulco, though I never once regretted our choice. It was my first time in Europe and to say that I was enchanted would be an understatement. We spent our ten days there exploring the city...luckily even at twenty we were all on the same page of sightseeing from morning til night. It was an amazing trip that I still remember fondly to this day. Thankfully my friend was kind enough to send me a few photos from her scrapbook to share since this was long before the Facebook era...

(Not sure why I thought that hat was fashionable, though in fairness to me it was only a few months past the dreaded fashion decade of the nineties! Also NO IDEA why it is uploading upside down...sigh.)

I haven't been back to London since, but between the Royal Wedding last year, the recent Jubilee festivities and the Olympic coverage let's just say I would love to.

Thankfully a friend asked me to make London-themed cookies for a reunion she is having with a group of friends she studied abroad with there during her own college days. So I was able to revisit my desire for a return trip one more time in researching cookies to include in the mix. In the end I chose a few highlights including Big Ben, Union Jacks, taxi cabs, a double decker bus, cups of tea, a "Mind the Gap" London Underground reference and of course the phone booth seen above that we had way too much fun posing in.

These have quickly become one of my favorite batches to date.

Thanks you Courtney!

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