Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Flirty Thirty

First of all, I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend! Mine was filled with some necessities like cleaning and car shopping, but I did manage to make it to a few friends' houses for visits. One of the events we went to was Liz's 30th birthday party. I have been friends with Liz's brother and sister in law for years and they asked me to make cookies for her weeks ago. We debated about what to do and there was certainly a difference in opinions (lighthearted of course.) Her brother suggested "old ladies and cats" but her SIL and I decided on a "Sex and the City" theme inclusive of the token birthday cookies.

The birthday girl was happy with them and therefore I was too.

Thank you Sam & John...and HAPPY Birthday once again Liz!

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  1. Amy these are so great! The leopard print detail on the shoe = amazed!!! ~Ana