Saturday, October 26, 2013

TUTORIAL: Floating Candles Halloween Decor

Sometimes my husband is skeptical of my big ideas.

Does asking him to dangle candles from the ceiling seem unreasonable to you?

Yeah, me neither. :)

Though initially resistant, Mr. Preppy Cookie now agrees that the "floating candles" added the exact wow factor we needed at our spooky soiree.  Watching our guest's reactions to them made them 100% worth the effort.

(Goldendoodle photo bomb!)

To create the floating candle effect you will need:
-Battery operated candles
-Fishing line
-Heavy duty tacks (Yes, we put tacks in our ceiling.  We're "YOLO" like that.  Just a little spackle afterward will put everything back to normal.)

Here is the recap of what Mr. PC did from there:

-Unscrew each candle bulb
-Cut approximately 8 inches of fishing line
-Take the fishing line and tie a knot around the top of the candle
-Screw the bulb back in
-Attach other end of fishing line to the heavy duty tack
-Tack candle into the ceiling

Turn the lights off and enjoy the impact!  

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  1. These are AWESOME!!! But I want to share with you that those 3m command hooks work great for things like this too and no spackle needed afterwards.