Saturday, October 26, 2013

Halloween Party 2013

Last weekend we had our first annual "Costumes & Cocktails" Halloween Party.  For years I have said that when the day came when we had enough room to host it, I'd love to have a tradition of hosting such a party. Thankfully that time came this year and we went for it.

We kept out first year on the smaller side (though 40 is still the largest group of people we have entertained.)  We spent days decorating and planning what I would say was a successful event.

Leading up to the party a friend told me she didn't want to be Bridget Jones and show up in a bunny suit as the only person in costume.  That proved to be an unnecessary concern as the spirit was definitely there among our group of friends.

A Duck Dynasty character (I won't pretend to know the name) won Best Costume while two "Non-Essential" government employees took home the Most Creative award.

Per usual most of the projects were DIY so I hope you will enjoy the recap of them this week.

Happy (almost) Halloween!

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