Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lilly Saturday Night

A few Saturday nights ago one of my BFFs called to see if I wanted to go check out our new Lilly Pulitzer store with she and her daughter. That may not sound like what everyone wants to do on their Saturday night but I was game, especially after watching the whole store be constructed via Instagram. So off we went and we were not disappointed.

We were greeted with what I would call a pretty perfect color palette.

We did little shopping and much gawking. Thankfully the ladies of Lilly were proud to show off every last detail and didn't seem to mind one bit that we posed for photos galore.

Things seem to be getting rather modern at Lilly these days...

Seriously. I would be happy for my home to look similar to all that we saw...and thankfully my husband would just laugh. (I think.)

It was a fun outing that ended with dinner at our favorite local Mexican restaurant.

So many favorites in only one little Saturday. Life is good!


  1. How fun! That store is truly stunning!!


  2. oh my amazingness! which mall is this at?! will have to visit next time i'm "home"!

  3. I was going to go to this stores bday party! I think we track the same stuff. Love it!