Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Elegant Bridal Shower Cookies

It is always a pleasure to make cookies for one of my new favorite friends, Trish. In fact I am most proud of some of the cookies I have made for her. Feeling like I know Trish through reading her blog, I have observed that our styles are similar. Therefore when she gives me the go-ahead to be creative, some of my favorite cookies are born. In fact, the bow and monogram cookies I created just for her last month are now some of my absolute favorites.

This collection was in honor of a very special occasion...Trish's younger sister's bridal shower. The colors were gold, ivory, white and cappuccino with an elegant invitation as inspiration.

The absolute best part of making cookies for Trish this time around was that they came with an in-person delivery. Not only was I able to meet someone I would undoubtedly spend a great deal of time with if she lived closer, but I also had the pleasure of meeting her precious baby girl.

It was such a fun meeting that I only wish could have lasted longer...

Thank you Trish! It really is always a pleasure.

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