Sunday, September 9, 2012

Are You Ready for Some (NFL) Football??

While I am MUCH more of a college football fan, the NFL is on non-stop in our house on Sundays. I watch it, play in a survivor league and even create many a football-themed meal but I am not what you would call die-hard by any means. Many of my friends are though, so I thought I would put together a few photos of NFL cookies I've made...

First up is a Michigan cookie platter I made recently for a birthday party - thank you Mina!

These went to a game last year in D.C. (Thank you Alicia!)

And being a local, Redskin cookies are on the regular around here...

Finally, good thing my Jets-loving dad isn't much of a blog reader or he would be unhappy with how many Giants cookies I seem to make...

Good luck with your teams this season to all who care! ;)


  1. LOVE the giants cookies! i will so be placing an order for those for my diehard giant fan dad's birthday!!

  2. I'm loving it! I'm a total college football girl, but these cookies seriously make me consider becoming an NFL fan. I'm thinking maybe NY....... I'm really into their color scheme. ;)
    Love, Bethany