Monday, June 24, 2013

Cookie Smash Cake Take II - Alice in Wonderland

And so it begins...MONTHS of cookie photo catch up.  Recently a friend told me about the beauty of the iPhone Blogger app.  Hopefully that new-found convenience will assist me in maintaining this journal in favor of documenting my life on Instagram.

Two blog posts since Saturday = so far so good!

In the past six months since blogging regularly, countless orders of cookies have been made.  One Preppy Cookie has been a successful endeavor and though I am extremely grateful for that, I have had to tone it down in the order department.  Between working full time and life in general, the cookies have been a bit overwhelming.  I am a big believer in, "Do what you love" but also have to be realistic.  BALANCE is the current goal moving forward. 

Okay, back to today's post and starting to sort through months worth of undocumented hard work.  A friend who I have made cookies for several times in the past asked me to do Alice in Wonderland cookies along with a "smash cake" in the same theme.  This was only my second attempt at the cookie smash cake and I have to say I think they're cute.

(The more colorful the cookies, the more I love making them.)

Thank you Lauren!

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