Monday, December 3, 2012

Champagne, Crafts & Cookies with Young House Love

Saturday morning as my husband drove me into D.C. he clarified once again why exactly I was on my way to cash in a Living Social ticket I had bought to "meet the blog people." (His real worlds.) "The blog people" are John and Sherry from Young House Love, a blog I have been reading for years. The minute I read about an opportunity for a two hour crafting session/book signing with them, I was in. And while my husband may not really understand the appeal of that, I was right in knowing that it would be a great time.

We were welcomed to the event by a smiling John and Sherry, along with a dedicated spot at the table with crafting supplies and a glass of champagne (my kind of Saturday morning!)

Ironically the room we were in had the worst lighting for photos. This means I took my typical quality of pics but I am sure this blogging/photog powerhouse could have lived without the darkness.

There were 50 women and 0 men in attendance, much to Sherry and John's amusement.

My spot...

The group...

We worked on three projects during our time together. First was a painted vase based on a project in their new book, the second was a set of candlesticks and finally we made a few ornaments.

My favorite craft was the set of candlesticks.

I loved seeing what everyone else came up with. We had some serious DIY ladies in the room as evidenced by the full glasses of champagne and beautiful pieces left on the tables at the end of the session. Crafts > morning libations for this crew!

Next up was the book signing portion of the morning. Sherry and John were both so genuine in their time with us. You can tell that they really value their readers and took the time to make everyone feel welcomed.

Of course I could not meet them without sharing my only real "DIY" talents, so I dorkily (not a word but seems to fit the act well) brought along a batch of cookies for them. They were Jonathan Adler inspired and seemed to be a big hit.

John even gave them a little shout-out in their it!

So on the way home when my husband asked me how my meeting with "the blog people" was, I could say with all sincerity that I had an awesome time.

Thanks YHL!


  1. That looks like SO MUCH FUN!!! Let me know if you do anything like that again because I would totally be down :) xoxoxo

  2. It was so fun wasn't it! I am in one of your pictures and also wrote about the event. Come check it out!

  3. How fun was that?! I love Jon and Sherry and their blog. Love your Adler cookies too, maybe they will make an appearance on their blog, how cool would that be?

  4. i seriously screamed when i saw their IG photo pop up. "OMG. I 'know' her!" I was wondering what the Living Social thing they were talking about was...Looks like so much fun!!!!! And, the cookies -- amazing as always!

  5. I would have loved to have seen them! I like the crafts that you guys did. And I am seriously impressed by those cookies - they look amazing!

  6. Amy, I see them in Richmond a lot these days! Come down to visit--you can help me refine my cookie skills (hate separating colors & bagging them--so much so that I just don't do it anymore!), give me some decorating/renovation opinions, and we can go run into YHL couple! Happy New Year!

  7. Amy, I see them around Richmond often! You need to come down & help me refine my cookie skills, give your opinions on some renovation/decorating, and we can try to run into YHL:) Happy New Year!

  8. Did you read somewhere that she always wears that black jacket. I love it!